Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Winter in TICINO

Ticino this winter was such a dope for me because It offers some of the best boulders in the world very close to my home. 

I checked, always with good friends, the 3 areas around Ticino, Chironico, Cresciano and Brione depending on the period and on the climbing conditions because this winter was pretty rainy with warm temperatures so It was difficult to choose the right place. 
Due to this problem sometimes we left home even if the weather forecasts didn’t seem so good so we found a lot of stuff soaking wet and unclimbable.

Actually I’m really satisfied about what I was able to get this winter season. Okay, for sure It’s not what Jimmy Webb done and is doing now in Europe that is impressive, but I’m really glad because I saw a change on the mental approach on the project and the training was paid off.

Delusion of Grandeur, Chironico. Pic Andrea Zanone

This is the list of problems sent:

-  Delusion of grandeur 8A+ Chironico

- Black Pearl 8A Brione

- Freak Brother 8A Chironico

- Entwash direct 8A Brione

- Frogger 8A Brione

- Blochx Addiction 8A Chironico

- Bridge Over Troubled Waters 7C+/8A Chironico

- Special Edition 7C+ Brione

- Jungle Book 7C+ Cresciano

- Tricky 7c Chironico.

Basically everything that I was able to pull off, went down in a session of work. Now the winter is over and in Ticino is actually too hot for bouldering but there are a lot of other places where I’d like to enjoy as Magic Wood, Fionnay and many more.

Happy Easter to everybody! See you the next.

Frogger, Brione. Pic Andrea Zanone

Black Pearl, Brione. Pic Andrea Zanone

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