Friday, March 20, 2015

My goals for 2015

The last couple of months have been amazing because between rain and sun, rock and gym I was able to think about the personal goals I would like to accomplish in this 2015.

I decided to start training by myself because after almost 5 years I think to have understood which are my weaknesses and which is simply the best training way for me.

I’m feeling definitely stronger than I’m never been, probably I’m in the best shape of my life and the training has been paid off. I introduce on my climbing program, exercises that I never experienced before, like TRX and Rings, which were complemented by intense fingers strength on beastmaker and climbing sessions in the gym.
Week after week I started to see the first improvements and luckily the motivation was always high but after a while I wanted to leave training for a couple of weeks to test the progress on the rock.
I’ll speak about my season in Ticino in the next story because the season it’s still not over and definitely syked for Brione and for Magic Wood later.
I wanna focus and explain my goals for this year because in my opinion is very important that every climbers set their own goals for keeping the motivation constantly high even if sometime everything went wrong and somehow you are not able to do what you expected.

My personal goals on bouldering are to try to consolidate the 8B grade because I’m feeling mentally and physically ready to definitively break this barrier.               
Since I’ll be in Rocklands in South Africa the whole june would be awesome to flash some other 8As.

Trying hard on Lucky Man. Pic Pierre Zanone
Instead regarding for sport climbing I still have a dream that have to be realized this next summer. The route is always “Lucky Man 8C” in Gressoney that I was not able to pull off for tha bad injury caught me last july. 
At that time I was sure to have the ability to send this routes and probably If it was not for the injury would be already in my pocket but for bad luck or whatever you want to call it, it's still there to be climbed.

When I’ll be back for SA I guess I’ll spend the rest of the summer up there and if the route will go down soon enough I’ll try the extension called “SS.26 8C+” or I ‘ll move on the still unrepeated “Elementi di Disturbo 8C+/9A” opened by my friend Gabry Moroni. 
It’s an awesome line though.

So my main goal is to send a couple of 8Cs and maybe something harder because I’m sure to have the right skills to try on such hard stuff.

We'll see what it will be!!

Last thing but not less important I want to announce my new partnership with Edelweiss and Five Ten for this year.

The new stuff

There are both worldwide known brands that produce amazing high quality stuff and I’m definitely proud to be part of them.

Hopeful for some good weather soon to test all the stuff on the rock.

Catch yaa soon.

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